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Errata Reports

The following descrepancies and errata have been reported in earlier versions of the text. Later versions may have these issues edited out. If you discover any yourself please forward them to info@enstructcorp.com


1. If you have the kindle version, and you copy paste over the COUNTIF formula…the quotes “” used need to be reentered…Kindle copies over a fancy kind of quote that Excel does not recognize.
2. Page 20, C4:AF207 should read C8:AF207…..C4 is already has another value used.
3. Page 20, the COUNTIF formula uses a semi colon as those sections were referenced from a European version of Excel..it should be using a comma if you are using a U.S./Other version.
4. Page 21, step 14. In the equation given, the last part “=” should have been “>=”. Thus, the whole equation should read: =COUNTIF($C$6:$AF$6,”>=”&AI28)-COUNTIF($C$6:$AF$6,”>=”&AJ28)