Introduction to Aviation Finance

I. State of Aviation Finance Needs
II. Options for Financing Aircraft
III. The Aircraft Leasing Industry
IV. The Aviation Capital Markets

Where to Begin: Aircraft Value

I. Types of Valuations
II. Appraisers
III. Maintenance Cycles
IV. Factors Affecting Value

Aircraft Generating Value: Leasing

I. Lease Rates: Types and Factors
II. Extension and Re-Lease
III. Transition Costs
IV. Lessees and Credit Risk
V. Jurisdictional Risks

Preserving Value: Maintenance

I. Maintenance Cycles
II. Maintenance Expense Forecasting
III. Maintenance Reserves and Payments
IV. Return Conditions
V. End of Lease Payments

Realizing Value: Aircraft Sales

I. Sale Channels Process
II. Older Aircraft: Re-Lease, Sell or Part-Out
III. Novations

Exercise: Working with a Bad Model

Aviation Security Specific Considerations

I. Rating Agency Methodologies
II. How Rating Agency Methodologies Can Be Arbitraged
III. Pooled Aircraft Portfolio Selection
IV. Lookup Functions
V. Navigating Aviation ABS Investment