Introduction to Aviation Finance

I. State of Aviation Finance Needs
II. Options for Financing Aircraft
III. The Aircraft Leasing Industry
IV. The Aviation Capital Markets

Where to Begin: Aircraft Value

I. Types of Valuations
II. Appraisers
III.Maintenance Cycles
IV. Factors Affecting Value

Aircraft Generating Value: Leasing

I.Lease Rates: Types and Factors
II. Extension and Re-Lease
III. Transition Costs
IV. Lessees and Credit Risk
V. Jurisdictional Risks

Preserving Value: Maintenance

I. Maintenance Cycles
II. Maintenance Expense Forecasting
III. Maintenance Reserves and Payments
IV. Return Conditions
V. End of Lease Payments

Realizing Value: Aircraft Sales

I. Sale Channels Process
II. Older Aircraft: Re-Lease, Sell or Part-Out
III. Novations

Exercise: Working with a Bad Model

Building a ToolKit

I. Time value of Money Functions
II. Mathematical /Statistical Functions
III. Logical Functions
IV. Lookup Functions
V. Naming Ranges/ Data Validation Lists
VI. Function Combinations

Exercise: Time Value of Money Functions

Exercise: Mathematical/Statistical Functions

Exercise: Logical Functions

Exercise: Lookup Functions

Exercise: Naming Ranges/Data Validation Lists

Scenario Selectors: The First Step in a Model

I. Overview of a Scenario Selector
II. Specific Scenario Selector Setup and Use

Exercise: Scenario Selectors

Dates & Timing: The Framework for a Model

I. Overview of Dates and Timing Set Up
II. Specific Date and Timing Functions and Organization

Exercise: Dates and Timing

Model Integrity: Ensuring Everything is Correct

I. Building Checks into the Model to Make Sure Calculations are Correct
II. Cash Checks

Output Reporting: Ensuring Everything is Understandable

I. Changing the Periodicity of Results
II. Building Snapshot Views
III. Relevant Metrics and Ratios
IV. Charting