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Since 2007, Enstruct has trained hundreds of professionals, worldwide, in financial modeling related topics. Our credibility is founded on nearly 15 years of front office, deal level modeling on Wall Street, management experience running financial engineering teams at top tier investment banks, and the publication of 4 books on financial modeling, purchased by tens of thousands of readers. In 2016 Enstruct launched a robust testing service to provide organizations and individuals a method for rapidly assessing and benchmarking technical skill.

The Team

Keith A. Allman

Keith A. Allman

Founder and CEO

Mr. Allman is responsible for concept and product development, partnership creation, corporate affairs and governance, and fundraising. Previously he was the Head of ABS Structuring and ran a financial engineering team at Deutsche Bank, one of the premier global investment banks. He has worked in finance and investing for the last 14 years, primarily in investing and capital markets as a Vice President at Citigroup, a private equity investment manager, and other quantitative based roles. A published author he has written five books through John Wiley & Sons, four of which are on quantitative finance and investment. He received two bachelor’s degrees from UCLA and a master’s degree from Columbia University. His pro-bono work includes impact investing and serving on the Board of Director’s for Relief International.

Desh Mallik

Desh Mallik

Chief Marketing Officer

Desh leads marketing and business development for Enstruct.  Formerly, a VP at Greenlight Planet, where he ran global marketing and business development, Desh has a deep understanding of ensuring clients get the most value out of a product or service.  Previously, he worked for Deloitte as a management consultant and at CVS Health as Director of Strategy and Operations, where he honed his modeling skills.  Additionally, he has worked on sourcing, distribution and business development through his own entity, Barbary Global.  He is a UCLA graduate with a focus on Economics, Finance and International Trade Theory.  His pro-bono work includes fundraising and operations support, as the Treasurer for Epic Change.

Josh M. Scherbenski

Josh M. Scherbenski

Chief Technology Officer

Josh oversees technology and infrastructure. He is currently also a Lead Data Scientist at Glassdoor where he has overseen Consumer Growth and Mobile data science and analytics for the past 5 years. He is proficient in multiple computer languages and specializes in cloud computing and data algorithms. Having been one of the first 25 employees of Glassdoor and founding an energy harvesting company, Josh has 8 years experience with startups. Prior, he worked for NASA HQ and the Jet Propulsion Lab as a program manager, technology specialist, and systems engineer. Josh holds a patent on an energy harvesting module; has two bachelor’s degrees from UCLA; a master’s in engineering from Michigan; and an MBA from Pepperdine.

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Chief Operations Officer

Melissa is responsible for the oversight of the strategic and business operations for the firm.  Previously, she was a Manager at Interactive Data Corporation, responsible for the acquisition of and negotiation for market data.  She has also worked as a financial advisor at National Financial network, where she was instrumental in developing the financial strategies employed by small businesses and individuals.  She has also served as a consultant to small and medium sized businesses where she assisted in providing analysis, operation and strategic support to the company vision.  Melissa began her career at MBIA Insurance Corporation in the Structured Finance division, performing various quantitative, surveillance and business growth roles centered on the optimization of securitization portfolio profitability.  Melissa has a MBA in Financial Management from Pace Lubin School of Business and a BA in Humanistic Studies from The Johns Hopkins University.

Josh Laurito

Josh Laurito

Senior Instructor

Josh is the head of data and analytics at Gizmodo Media and teaches data visualization at the City University of New York. Previously, Josh helped start Lumesis, an analytics and data visualization company serving the municipal market, and has held data & analytics roles in various technology and financial companies. He also cowrote a book on financial simulation modeling with Keith. According to his family, for his fourth birthday, he asked for an abacus.


“I never intended to love finance, but I do. I started as an intern fifteen years ago, migrated to Wall Street, moved over to international markets, and during the last 8 years kept busy writing. The industry has been bruised from the credit crisis, but I am convinced with dedication, knowledge, proper analysis, and ethics it can move beyond these issues. I write and continue writing to help equip finance professionals with the skills and tools necessary to move in such a direction.”

–Keith Allman, CEO and Founder

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Financial Simulation Modeling in Excel

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Impact Investment

Apply a rigorous investment process and integrate social impact analyses to successfully select and invest in social impact investments.


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