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Enstruct was founded on a deep base of proprietary knowledge that is also expressed in our books. Whether you prefer the feel of real paper or use a digital version and our books are great supplements to our courses, can help you prepare for an interview or a technical test.

Modeling Structured Finance Cash Flows in
Microsoft Excel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Enstruct’s principal’s debut book on modeling structured finance securities. It is an easily accessible text that takes a reader through every component of the analytical process for structured finance assets. Readers build their modeling experience in each chapter through Model Builder exercises, which culminate into a final, consolidated model. Included with this text is download access with the Excel versions of the Model Builder exercises and the complete model.

Corporate Valuation Modeling: A Step-by-Step Guide

A critical guide to corporate valuation modeling. Valuation is at the heart of everything that Wall Street does. Every day, millions of transactions to purchase or sell companies take place based on prices created by the activities of all market participants. Corporate Valuation Modeling takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a powerful corporate valuation model. Each chapter discusses the theory of the concept, followed by Model Builder instructions that inform you of every step necessary to create the template model. Many chapters also include a validation section that shows techniques and implementations that you can employ to make sure the model is working properly.

Financial Simulation Modeling in Excel

As simulation techniques become more popular among the financial community and a variety of sub-industries, a thorough understanding of theory and implementation is critical for practitioners involved in portfolio management, risk management, pricing, and capital budgeting.

Reverse Engineering Wall Street Transactions: A Step-By-Step Guide

Given the lack of transparency in the market and the difficult time investors have in understanding complex Wall Street transaction, Keith Allman’s second book takes readers through the detailed process of reverse engineering a deal by decomposing legal documentation and rebuilding it in an computer model.

Using a sophisticated mortgage-backed transaction as an example, the book jumps between excerpts from the legal documentation and the corresponding Excel formulas and code.

Impact Investment: A Practical Guide to Investment Process and Social Impact Analysis

Impact Investment: A Practical Guide to Investment Process and Social Impact Analysis is a must-read guide for investors and wealth managers entering the social finance investment space known as “impact investing.” This book walks readers through the demanding task of properly executing an impact investment strategy, providing solutions to some of the most vexing challenges that arise when investing for both financial return and social impact.

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