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Currently we are converting all of our trainings so you can take them online, from any browser. We also offer in-house, private trainings for larger organizations. Please contact us and we will notify you as courses are brought online.
Enstruct professionals have seen many courses taught by other companies and many of them are very poorly structured with little applicability to real world problems. Enstruct Training is designed by finance professional with decades of experience, including managing and running financial modeling groups at top tier investment banks. Additionally, Enstruct has experience training thousands of individuals and helped tens of thousands through book offerings. Very few companies have trainers or course design with our depth and experience.
Online trainings will be priced by number of courses selected and available online. In-house courses are priced by number of participants and number of days requested.
You should be familiar with Excel, but we cover all required functions and formulas that are unique to the training.  Do not worry as most demonstrations and exercises involve step-by-step instruction.


Currently tests are either scheduled by Enstruct in select cities on specific dates or organized by a larger organization using the service for their employees and job candidates. In the future Enstruct Testing will be available at well-known testing centers both domestically and abroad. Please contact us if you are interested in either as we are rolling out more scheduled tests rapidly.
The current test is a general financial modeling test designed to assess a test taker’s technical, topical, and integrated ability. We offer custom tests in the following areas by request:
  • General Excel: ideal for administrative or temporary hires
  • Corporate Modeling: a focus on equity and DCF techniques
  • Fixed Income Modeling: a focus on bonds and fixed income products
  • Structured Modeling: a focus on structured finance products
The general financial modeling test is 35 questions, with a 60 minute time limit.
Anyone can pay and take a test, however the individual and cluster score reports are specifically designed for recruiters, human resources personnel, and training managers.
Pricing depends on the number of tests being requested. Please contact us with your request.
Enstruct Testing is only currently offered either onsite at a client’s organization or at a scheduled Enstruct Testing center. Online testing at home is not available given security concerns related to test fraud and online distribution of test questions.
The score is instantly calculated and sent to Enstruct’s database, where an individual report, and if applicable a cluster report, is generated. Recruiting and human resources managers can quickly see how a candidate did on the full test and sub-category skills. Benchmarks are provided that allow comparison of an individual against all test takers. For companies running clusters, such as intern or grad groups, relative performance is provided on cluster reports.

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