3-Day Corporate Analysis Valuation and Modeling

The building block for most financial analyses is a three statement, discounted cash low model. Learn how to break apart a company’s operations and finances, and then build out a robust, dynamic analysis for valuation and other analytical uses.

3-Day Structured Finance Analysis and Modeling

Structured finance analysis and modeling tends to be more technical and some will say more difficult. Enstruct’s answer to that is our three-day course that develops out a structured finance cash flow analysis and model.

3-Day Project Finance Analysis and Modeling

Airports, toll roads, power plants are complicated endeavors from a logistical and financial point of view. Master unique aspects of project finance such as construction financing, debt sculpting, reserve accounts, and tax considerations.

3-Day Comprehensive Structured Finance

For those who want to learn a broader set of skills for structured finance, from the origination process to investment banking to buy side relative value analysis, this course takes a comprehensive approach. Less modeling focused and more tuned in on strategy and process.

4-Day Structured Finance Analysis with VBA

Analyze and model structured finance deals on a loan level basis by learning securitization modeling coupled with Visual Basic Applications (VBA) programming. An intense course that is designed for those seeking the most powerful level of structured finance modeling.

2-Day VBA Programming for Finance

Go beyond the spreadsheet and unlock the full power of Excel by learning Visual Basic Applications (VBA). Taught through the lens of financial problems such as scenario generation,loan amortization, simulation, etc. This course makes power modelers who can save

2-Day Aviation Finance Analysis and Modeling

COMING SOON: Aviation finance has grown tremendously in the last few years as the airline industry has matured into a profitable space. Learn the details of basic aviation finance, aircraft leasing, lease cash flow analysis, and capital market transactions such as EETCs and aircraft ABS securities.

2 Day Financial Modeling for Lawyers

COMING SOON: One of our most unique courses that shows corporate lawyers how their words translates into Excel formulas. A simple, step by step approach is taken, breaking down common transaction phrases and converting them into financial functions and formulas.