Are you sure your employees understand how the model works? Develop your internal talent with Enstruct.

Enstruct provides professional quantitative finance, modeling and valuation training through an accurate and transparent curriculum. In all parts of the global equity and capital markets, innovative deal structures have become commonplace and require a variety of modeling skills and techniques to understand the spectrum of risk and reward. Third party software and valuation firms with "black box" technology is difficult to customize and leaves your most important transactions at the mercy of someone else's mistakes. The best alternative is to develop internal resources with a high degree of financial and technical expertise. Enstruct can make that happen. More importantly, Enstruct will be at your location, developing staff, customizing models and technical skills and collaborating with managers until solutions have been found. That's our guarantee.


With strong Wall Street, mathematical, and technical backgrounds from premier institutions, Enstruct's instructors understand and teach the most advanced and accurate methodologies recognized by all market participants. Also, Enstruct's wide variety of asset class, topical and regional expertise allow for a more focused curriculum for specialized clients.


Every formula, function and cell is explained by an Enstruct professional and then re-created by the client. No modeling section or code is considered black box. Transparency is our goal. Although most courses provide fully operational models with full access to formulas and code, Enstruct's goal is to build knowledge and skill, not dependency on a third party model.


Enstruct has a deep understanding of instructional techniques based on years of teaching experience in both academic and professional settings. Our instructors have publications, well thought out research specifically related to course content, and have backgrounds in banking, consulting, law, FP&A, and securities.