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VBA for Finance in a Chat GPT World

VBA for Finance in a Chat GPT World

  • img 4+ hours of instruction
  • img 28 Demonstrations
  • img 8 Participant exercises
  • img Templates for scenario generation and manipulating large data sets
  • img 9 months of access
  • img $399 USD $249 USD (Introductory Price)
  • img $199 USD Student Version (Contact Us)

VBA for Finance in a Chat GPT World

A powerful introduction to VBA, tailored for financial professionals, that combines core coding techniques with using, correcting, and implementing AI generated code for automating scenarios, streamlining models, and working with large data sets. This course is designed for bankers, investors, consultants, auditors, and any investment professional that works extensively in Excel and wants to save significant time through powerful scenario analysis frameworks and the ability to quickly manipulate large data sets. Focus is kept on a minimal number of techniques and leveraging AI resources to ensure quick mastery, usability and integration in day-to-day work.

Course Outline

Problems with AI Generated Code

Overcoming Speed, Scale, and Accuracy Problems with VBA

Scenarios and Large Data Sets

Object Oriented Languages

The Macro Recorder

The Visual Basic Editor

Writing Your First Code

Creating Variables

Using Variables


The Offset Property

The Concept of Looping

For Next Loops

Counter Variables

Offsetting within a Loop

Prepping the Excel Sheet

Creating Scenario Input / Output Areas

Scenario Generation Core Code

Outputs and Clean Up

AI Prompts

Troubleshooting AI Generated Code

Converting and Adapting AI Generated Code

ReDim and Cells Properties

Aggregation Methods Available

Three Methods of VBA Aggregation

Which Method is Best?

Common VBA Errors

Methods to Address Common Errors

Combining Auditing Techniques

Reorganizing Code