Credit Analysis For Corporate Bankers

Credit Analysis for Corporate Bankers was specifically developed with a banking audience in mind, but is effective for anyone in need of credit analysis tools.

Structured Finance School

Enstruct’s 4-day Structured Finance School introduces participants to the strategy and execution of structured finance transactions.

Reverse Engineering Transactions

Reverse engineering is the process of decomposing existing work so that underlying assumptions, mechanics and functionality are understood.

Investing in Distressed Securities

This workshop teaches participants how to analyze and evaluate distressed securities. Whether from a defensive point of view where one currently owns a distressed security or from an offensive point of view where one is trying to capitalize on dislocated prices, the...

Corporate Financial Modeling and Valuation

Basic corporate valuation usually relies on the creation of a dynamic discounted cash flow model. Building one from a blank worksheet, using someone else’s, or trying to manipulate one that is already created is difficult without a thorough knowledge of technical spreadsheet skills and financial concepts.