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Financial Simulation Modeling in Excel Website

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Financial Simulation Modeling

Financial Simulation Modeling in Excel Website

As simulation techniques become more popular among the financial community and a variety of sub-industries, a thorough understanding of theory and implementation is critical for practitioners involved in portfolio management, risk management, pricing, and capital budgeting.

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1. If you have the kindle version, and you copy paste over the COUNTIF formula…the quotes “” used need to be reentered…Kindle copies over a fancy kind of quote that Excel does not recognize.
2. Page 20, C4:AF207 should read C8:AF207…..C4 is already has another value used.
3. Page 20, the COUNTIF formula uses a semi colon as those sections were referenced from a European version of should be using a comma if you are using a U.S./Other version.
4. Page 21, step 14. In the equation given, the last part “=” should have been “>=”. Thus, the whole equation should read: =COUNTIF($C$6:$AF$6,”>=”&AI28)-COUNTIF($C$6:$AF$6,”>=”&AJ28)